Nebraska recorded the fewest roadway fatalities in five years during 2021, the Nebraska State Patrol said Tuesday.

There were 220 deaths on Nebraska roads in 2021, a 5% reduction from the year before, when there were 233 traffic fatalities. That is the second straight yearly reduction in traffic fatalities in the state. The total is down 11% from the total of 248 in 2019.

“This is promising news to have, indicating that Nebraskans are continuing to make safer choices while driving. Let’s continue this positive trend and see more lives spared on our roads,” said John Selmer, director of the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

To keep the trend moving in a positive direction, NSP and NDOT encourage all motorists to follow safety laws, always put the phone down while driving, drive sober, and wear a seat belt.

“Our goal will always be to move toward zero fatalities,” said Col. John Bolduc, Nebraska State Patrol Superintendent. “It’s impossible to attribute the reduction to one factor, but safe driving of those who share our roadways will always have the biggest impact.”

As the winter weather season continues, all motorists are encouraged to practice safety. Check conditions with Nebraska 511 before trying to travel in winter weather, keep updated on the forecast for your destination and route, and always drive appropriately for the conditions.

Any motorists in need of help can call the NSP Highway Helpline at *55 or 800-525-5555.

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