Inbox: Offering the Olive Branch

George Lauby - Jan. 20, 2021
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I listened to President Trump’s remarks to the press this morning (Wednesday, Inauguration Day), and then his remarks at St. Andrews as he prepared to board Airforce One for his farewell trip home to Florida. I heard a lot of “me”.

Groene at the Legislature: All votes should be transparent

Sen. Mike Groene - Jan. 20, 2021
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On Jan. 21, the legislature debates some proposed changes to the rules under which they operate.


Choosing to come together

Rep. Adrian Smith - Jan. 19, 2021
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The events of Wednesday, Jan. 6, were nothing short of horrific. I am appalled at what I saw and fully support the prosecution of every participant and planner of the uprising.


Groene at the Legislature: Brace for secular humanism

Sen. Mike Groene - Jan. 16, 2021
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As you may have heard, I am no longer the chairman of the Education Committee.


Erdman at the Legislature: Move Game, Parks to Sidney

Sen. Steve Erdman - Jan. 16, 2021
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This week, I will introduce a bill to move the headquarters of the Game and Parks Department to the city of Sidney. 


Brewer at the Legislature: Right to keep and bear arms

Sen. Tom Brewer - Jan. 16, 2021
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I have spent a lot of my life fighting for this country.


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