Erdman at the Legislature: Central Public Power’s exorbitant Lake McConaughy land purchase

Sen. Steve Erdman - Sep 22, 2023
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One of the biggest problems facing states today is empire building -- the mentality of growing governmental entities without regard for the best interests of the community or the interests of private taxpaying citizens. 


Brewer at the Legislature: Time for state consumption tax

Sen. Tom Brewer - Sep 22, 2023
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Last week I wrote about the “pink postcard” many citizens received announcing an increase of their property taxes was being considered by a “local unit of government.”


Inbox: Important hearing on wind energy

Letter to the Editor - Sep 22, 2023
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There will be a very important Public Hearing with the Lincoln County Commissioners on Monday, Oct. 2 at 10 a.m. in the district courtroom on the third floor of the court house.  

D&N Center shoe drive raises $1,122

Letter to the Editor - Sep 21, 2023
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Your donation helped us pay for jerseys, keep shoes out of landfills, create economic growth in underdeveloped countries and bring families out of poverty.

Inbox: Wind turbines are step backward

Letter to the Editor - Sep 19, 2023
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We are going backwards and don’t even realize it. In our effort to do something but do nothing, we have not stood up for our freedoms, protected our friends and families or our communities and land.

State Sen. Mike Jacobson of North Platte NE.

Jacobson at the Legislature: Two-person train crew will be priority

Sen. Mike Jacobson - Sep 18, 2023
(views 69)

As I begin working on legislation for 2024, I want to update you on some of my priorities.


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