Bill would expand farm-to-school program

The Unicameral Update - Jan 22, 2022
(views 9)

Early childhood education programs would be included in the Nebraska farm-to-school program under a bill considered Jan. 18 by the Education Committee.

Berge appointed to lead Nebraska Farm Service Agency

The North Platte Bulletin - Jan 21, 2022
(views 11)

The Biden administration recently appointed John Berge as the new state executive director for the USDA Nebraska Farm Service Agency.

Legume frost seeding in pastures

IANR News - Jan 19, 2022
(views 14)

Are you looking to increase production from pastures or hay fields? Interseeding legumes might just work in your operation.

Winter hay worries

IANR News - Jan 19, 2022
(views 7)

Grass tetany and nitrate poisoning are issues that we typically associate with animals grazing. However, both issues can be a problem in winter when animal diets are limited by what they are fed. 

Nebraska ignites Knoerzer’s passion for animals  

IANR News - Jan 19, 2022
(views 22)

Immersed in her family’s farming and cattle operation since childhood near Elwood, Felicia Knoerzer says that ever since she can remember, animals were the focus of all she did.   


Women in Agriculture conference coming to Kearney

The North Platte Bulletin - Jan 12, 2022
(views 13)

The Nebraska Women in Agriculture Conference will be held in person this year on Feb. 24-25 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Kearney.

Extension hosting land management, farm resiliency workshop   

IANR News - Jan 11, 2022
(views 8)

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Center for Agricultural Profitability will present a land management workshop in Grant to address financial resiliency for agricultural operations to sustain risk while remaining profitable.  

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