Seventeen trucks were pulled off the road Wednesday in North Platte during surprise inspections by the Nebraska State Patrol’s Carrier Enforcement Division.

Morning inspections were conducted in North Platte at two locations — 18th and Sycamore, and at East State Farm Road near Menards. In the afternoon, troopers patrolled county roads.

When the day was over, the enforcement team conducted 53 vehicle inspections and found 137 violations of federal motor carrier safety regulations and state law, NSP spokesman Cody Thomas said. Troopers also issued $2,500 in fines.

The 17 vehicles were taken out of service for bad brakes, bad tires or other problems that pose immediate safety risks. Troopers checked for compliance with federal safety regulations and enforce laws pertaining to weight, size, registration, dyed fuels and permits for commercial vehicles.

Surprise inspections target commercial vehicles that might not travel outside the city or pass through weigh stations on their regular routes, Thomas said.

Thomas said roving inspections were also conducted in Dawson County on the day before, July 31.

Thirteen of 45 vehicles inspected there were pulled off the road. Troopers found 111 safety violations and removed 13 vehicles from service. Troopers also issued $2,150 in fines.

The MAPS team was implemented in 1998 and consists of troopers from the State Patrol Carrier Enforcement Division. On average, 20-24 troopers work each MAPS event, Thomas said.

The inspection team is funded largely by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.