More often than you might think, somebody in Nebraska forgets to cash a check they’ve received.

Sometimes someone even forgets they have a bank account, goes off and leaves money there, unclaimed.

It’s often said that people are forgetful by nature. The evidence is prevalent at the Nebraska State Treasurer’s office.

Dividends, insurance payments and security deposits sometimes go unclaimed. Some people get gift certificates but forget they have them.

By rights, such unclaimed money and property doesn’t go into someone else’s pockets. It eventually ends up in the state treasury, where it is held for the rightful owner to claim.

Unclaimed properties are held forever, subject to claim by the owner or heirs, the treasurer says.

If that sounds like easy money, it is, if you are the rightful owner.

If you’ve left some property or money unclaimed somewhere, check with the treasurer’s website to see if it’s turned up.

For example, if you had a savings account and did not withdraw or deposit any money in it for five years, the bank will try to contact you. If they cannot, they remit the money to the state treasurer.

Unclaimed property is turned over to the state treasurer’s office every year by companies from across the country.

As of Dec. 29, the Nebraska treasury was flush with nearly $170 million worth of such property, the treasurer’s office says.

Here are most common sources of unclaimed property:

• Insurance claim payments • Dividends • Security deposits • Life insurance proceeds • Vendor payments • Wages • Stocks • Bonds • Utility deposits • Miscellaneous outstanding checks • Safe deposit boxes • Gift certificates • Dormant checking/savings accounts • Rebates

There are 350,000 names of people, businesses, and organizations on file at the treasurer’s office. They have submitted unclaimed property, or haven’t claimed theirs.

The treasurer publicizes the situation and makes it easy to search the database on their website. They also go to gatherings like the Nebraska State Fair, where people can stop at their booth and easily check the records.

Such efforts make a dent in the amount of money held. For instance, in 2018, the treasurer found the owners of $12.8 million worth of property — a lot of money, but only about 7.5% of the total.

It is best to do the search oneself. In October, a scam email circulated around Nebraska, pretending to be from the treasurer’s office, telling recipients they had a lot of wealth waiting there for them. Those who trusted the email ended up paying a fee in advance, which the scammer pocketed.

State Treasurer Don Stenberg urges Nebraskans to contact his office immediately if they have any concerns or suspicions about notifications they received claiming to be from the Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office.

A check of the state treasurer’s records turned up several unclaimed properties of owners in North Platte and Lincoln County.

Most, but not all, of the amounts on file were less than $500.

We’ve published a list of some of the unclaimed properties below from North Platte and Lincoln County at the state treasurer’s office, waiting for the owner to claim them.

If you think you know of unclaimed property, but don’t see something on the list, you can search the treasurer’s website for your name and/or the name of a group, church, business or club that you are involved with.

The website is HERE.

Nebraskans have a very good chance of finding money, or perhaps the valuable contents of a forgotten safe deposit box.

In 2018, the treasurer’s office paid 15,600 claims, according to the website.

You should call first, as many claims can be filed over the phone. The phone numbers are 402-471-8497 or 877-572-9688 toll free.


(This report and the following list were first published in the Jan. 9 print edition of the Bulletin. -Editor)


North Platte 

Property ID, Owner Name, Property Value, County

2001108345, China Buffet of North Platte, Under $500, Lincoln

2001299272, North Platte Christian, Under $500, Lincoln

2001601060, North Platte Feeders Inc, Under $500, Lincoln

2001607635, North Platte Care Ctr, Over $500, Lincoln

2001328344, Holiday Inn Express North Platte Ne, Under $500, Lincoln

931001029, North Platte Auto Brokers, Under $500, Lincoln

2000213353, North Platte Softball Assoc, Under $500, Lincoln

2001808963, North Platte Surg Assoc, Under $500, Lincoln

2001812548, North Platte Youth Baseball, Under $500, Lincoln

2001698980, City Of North Platte Bt, Under $500, Lincoln,

2001856582, City Of North Platte Water Dep, Under $500, Lincoln

2001396700, North Platte Chiropractic Clinic, Under $500, Lincoln

880003188, North Platte Med Specialists, Under $500, Lincoln

2001121213, North Platte Public School, Under $500, Lincoln

2001133965, North Platte Public Schools, Under $500, Unknown

2001872747, North Platte Rotary Club, Over $500, Lincoln

2001873546, North Platte Surgical Association, Under $500, Lincoln

2000630550, North Platte Wastewater, Under $500, Unknown

2001494378, 3d Parts North Platte, Under $500, Lincoln

2001969018, Comfort Inn North Platte, Under $500, Lincoln

2000147948, North Platte Art Guild, Under $500, Lincoln

2001197812, North Platte Fall College, Under $500, Lincoln,

900007754, North Platte Local #649, Under $500, Douglas

2000427764, North Platte Rotary Club, Under $500, Unknown

900007755, North Platte School of Commerce, Under $500, Douglas

2000151533, Western Motors of North Platte Inc, Under $500, Lincoln

2001056950, Days Inn of North Platte, Over $500, Lincoln

2001153721, Feeders North Platte, Under $500, Lincoln

2000008355, North Platte Art Guild, Under $500, Lincoln

2000237099, North Platte Circuit Lyf, Under $500

2001145983, North Platte Feeders, Under $500, Lincoln

2001145982, North Platte Feeders, Under $500, Lincoln

2001447876, Ramada Limited North Platte, Over $500, Lincoln

2000584702, North Platte, Under $500, Lincoln

2001372647, North Platte Care Hlthcr Inform System, Under $500, Lincoln

2000598244, North PlatteEnterprise, Under $500, Lincoln

2001724031, North Platte Feeders North Platte Feeders, Under $500, Lincoln

2000584940, North Platte Glass Inc, Over $500, Lincoln

2001726741, North PlatteNebraska Physician Gro, Under $500, Lincoln

2002007578, City Of North Platte, Under $500, Lincoln

2001195678, Country Club of North Platte, Under $500, Lincoln

970000052, North Platte Art Guild, Under $500, Lincoln

2001168629, North Platte Feeders Inc, Under $500, Lincoln

2000180487, North PlatteWorldWideChurch, Under $500, Lincoln

2000817206, City Of North Platte, Under $500, Lincoln

2000257792, North Platte Activities Association, Under $500, Unknown

2002046239, North Platte Care Center, Under $500, Lincoln

2002046219, North Platte Care Center, Under $500, Lincoln

2001071999, North Platte Dart League, Under $500, Lincoln

2000539050, North Platte Obgyn, Under $500, Lincoln


Lincoln County

2000835214, Lincoln County Clk of Court, Under $500

2000301487, Lincoln County Register of Deeds, Under $500

2002015047, County Court of Lincoln County, Under $500

2002030669, Lincoln County, Under $500

2000630455, Lincoln County, Under $500

2000960283, Lincoln County bass masters, Under $500



2000364001, Hershey Education Association, Under $500, Lincoln

2000289169, Hershey Public Schools, Under $500, Lincoln

2001037135, Hershey Public Schools, Under $500, Lincoln



2000711506, Maxwell High School, Under $500, Lincoln

2001025054, Maxwell Public School, Under $500, Lincoln