The North Platte school board will meet at 5:30 p.m. Monday, starting with a public hearing on changes in the American civics curriculum.

The hearing will be held at the McKinley Education Center, 301 West F St.

Last spring, the state legislature renewed the public schools’ obligation to educate students in American civics.

Under a bill (LB 399) that was sponsored by Sen. Julie Slama of Peru, each school district must incorporate either an exam based on the 100-question civics portion of the U.S. citizenship test, or require students to complete a civics-focused paper or presentation.

Slama said it is the first major revision of the state’s civic education standards since the legislature adopted an Americanism requirement in 1949.

The bill also requires schools to teach financial literacy as well as civics, history, economics and geography, and apply that knowledge to address societal issues.

The goal is to ensure that schools continue to prepare students to be competent and responsible citizens who engage in public debate knowledgeably and in a civil manner, Slama said.

Immediately after the hearing, the school board will conduct a regular monthly meeting. The purchase of a new coach bus is on the agenda for a vote.

The board will also discuss new teacher mentoring and orientation, finances, curriculum and school safety, according to the agenda.