The temperature in North Platte dropped steadily overnight until it hit a record 25 below zero around 6:30 a.m. at the North Platte Regional Airport.

As the sun set Sunday, the temperature sank from 5 above to 5 below in one hour, and kept sinking through the night, according to the national weather service records.

Wind chill values dipped below -30 over a wide region, the National Weather Service in North Platte said.

Sunday’s  temperatures were 40 degrees colder than normal for March 3, the weather service said.

Hopefully signaling the coldest point of this winter, the temperature rebounded relatively quickly from -25 just before dawn, warming about 7 degrees per hour for the next three hours.

The high will reach 15 degrees Monday and the weather will get steadily warmer each day, reaching a high near 40 degrees by late in the week, the forecast says.

However, the forecast is not all rosy. There is a 60% chance of snow Wednesday night.

The cold, snowy weekend weather also took a toll on motor vehicles. Fourteen accidents were reported in North Platte from March 1-4, police spokeswoman Beth Kerr said. There were 8 accidents in the same time frame in 2018.