I enjoy your newspaper and look forward to it every Friday.

I was born in North Platte, as were our three daughters.

I was born on Christmas Eve at an aunt and uncle’s home south of North Platte, and I was delivered by my grandmother, who then had my uncle go out in a field and shoot a jackrabbit for dinner. 

I was raised on a ranch near Tryon. My late husband Karl and I graduated from Tryon High School. He got his bachelor’s degree at Kearney State and taught at the Broken Bow High School for three years. However, we were not able to make a living on Nebraska school teacher’s wages.

We then moved to Paradise, Calif. and purchased our first home on two acres for $9,000.

I have a grandson who graduated from medical school in Lincoln, Neb. In 2020, they moved to Durham, Calif., near Paradise, and purchased a fixer-upper for $846,000.

Times have changed. My late grandmother’s home in Tryon – six bedrooms and one bathroom – is for sale for $38,000.

Part of my heart is still in Nebraska. I have two sisters in Tryon and one in North Platte. Please continue my subscription for another year. I will continue to enjoy your newspaper.

Betty Hunn, Paradise, Calif.

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