In my present position, I have an advantageous view of local political decisions, as so, I am often asked who I believe are some of the best candidates in this year’s local election.

You have an opportunity to change the direction of the Twin Platte NRD by electing two solid individuals who will have Lincoln County’s best interests in mind concerning the NCORPE project. They are Ryan Sellers in sub-district 2 and Ken Anderson in sub-district 3. With their election, these well-prepared individuals will bring to the Board the needed votes to protect Lincoln County’s natural resources, lower property and occupation taxes and make sure Lincoln County land use decisions are made by local county officials.

In the North Platte city elections, three individuals stand out as independent thinkers and having the best interest of the average citizen in mind. They will respect your tax dollars and will seek to run an efficient city government and use their common sense to help create viable economic growth. They are Brandon Keilliher for Mayor, Donna Tryon to fill the Ward 1 City Council seat and Mark Woods to fill the Ward 4 City Council seat.

Elections have consequences. Lincoln County and North Platte have all the attributes needed for all residents to grow and prosper; it starts with wise and trustworthy leadership.


— Sen. Mike Groene