In reading the report you made in the September North Platte Bulletin, I have noticed a comment you made, of which I will quote the following.

 You said that, “By increasing the amount and values of property being taxed, we can reduce the amount of taxes collected from each taxpayer without sacrificing services.”

Ok, increase the taxable properties ~ (property owners will pay more money).

Then you say it will reduce the taxes each taxpayer pays.

Why do you think you can revalue properties so you can charge more tax, then turn right around and say it will “reduce the amount of taxes collected from each taxpayer”?

Don’t sound right to me; never did understand how politics can squeeze special interest money, for special interests, at the cost of all taxpayers.

Do you live here?

Are you ready to pay more money for (your) revalued property?

I don’t think it is right that although the Sustainable Beef project is being financed ($20 million ARPA) and etc, and still you wanted to squeeze property owners for more.

There’s an old sayin: Don’t (rain) on my back and tell me it’s raining.

Paul Nichols, North Platte

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