Dan Knuter of North Platte is visually impaired and has faced a number of health challenges over the years, but is moving into the New Year with a new electric wheelchair.

Knuter lost his electric wheelchair in an accident at the beginning of 2022. Knuter’s care team at Great Plains Health helped him get a new one, GPH Marketing Manager Mary Roberts said.

“My wheelchair gives me my independence and it helps my self-esteem,” said Knuter, who is self-employed through a vending business and enjoys making wooden hunting bows as a hobby. “I wasn’t able to do what I wanted to do and needed to do without it.”

Roberts said the team at Great Plains Health worked with Knuter complete documentation and paperwork through Medicaid to obtain the new chair. She said Pain Management Dr. Aleeta Somers-Dehaney played a pivotal role.

“As time has progressed, we are seeing Dan get better,” she said. “He is able to make his appointments and take his dog outside. He has an improved quality of life, and it was really a team effort to make this possible.”

Renee Callaghan, BSW, care coordination services echoes Dr. Aleeta Somers-Dehaney’s sentiment on teamwork.

“We didn’t know how long it would take for the wheelchair to come,” Callaghan said. “When we found out he was getting it so quickly, it was truly a miracle. It was so amazing for all of us.”

Occupational therapist Brenda Jackson said it was a win all the way around.

Care coordinator Heather Frederick, RN, has worked with Knuter since he first connected with GPHIN in July 2022.

“There are so many resources out there that help people, and many people do not even know these resources exist,” Frederick said. “This was vital for Dan. He cannot get around like most people. He got the best Christmas present ever.”

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