Gov. Pete Ricketts and Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services CEO Dannette R. Smith unveiled the DHHS 2021-22 business plan on Tuesday with 17 priority initiatives.

During remarks, Ricketts and Smith highlighted the accomplishments of DHHS to help Nebraskans stay healthy during the pandemic. 

• DHHS helped with the Test Nebraska initiative, which delivered over 785,000 test results and allowed Nebraska to double its COVID testing during the critical early months of the pandemic. 

• The agency trained 1,000 state teammates to support local health departments in contact tracing. 

• DHHS also helped rapidly administer the coronavirus vaccine, which was especially important to protect older Nebraskans. 

• More than 89% of Nebraskans age 65 or older are now fully vaccinated.

Additionally, Ricketts complimented DHHS for finding innovative ways to carry out day-to-day business during the pandemic. In particular, he highlighted the agency’s successful work to prevent substance abuse, promote behavioral health, and help food stamp recipients find new or better jobs.

He credited DHHS for making continuous improvements, such as the timely processing of Medicaid health service claims.

Smith outlined the four-pronged approach her department is following to serve Nebraskans and carry out “Many Good Deeds,” which is the title of the 2021-22 DHHS business plan.

  • Creating an integrated service delivery system
  • Enhancing collaborative relationships with communities, stakeholders, and policymakers
  • Aligning DHHS teammates around the agency’s mission of Helping People Live Better Lives
  • Delivering excellent customer service

She briefly mentioned key initiatives the department is undertaking over the next year, and thanked each of DHHS’ divisions for their contributions to the health and well-being of Nebraskans.

Full video of today’s press event is available by clicking here

The 2021-22 DHHS Business Plan is here.

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