A number of automakers have removed or announced plans to remove AM broadcast radio from some vehicles, but Ford announced Tuesday it would continue to AM radios, in the face of federal pressure.

Congress is considering the AM for Every Vehicle Act, introduced by leading senators of opposing parties — Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Ed Markey (D-Mass.)

“AM radio in vehicles is both a critical part of the national emergency broadcast system, but it is also one of the few reliable communications tools available to reach rural America,” Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning has said. “Due to AM radio’s unique suitability for transmission over long distances and its usage for news/talk formats, AM’s presence in vehicles is as essential today as it was 40 years ago.”

Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska said Ford made a good decision.

“Congress should pass our bipartisan bill to ensure every car manufacturer follows Ford’s lead and keeps AM radio,” she said.

Fischer is a co-sponsor of the bill, which would direct federal regulators to require automakers to maintain AM broadcast radio in their new vehicles at no additional charge.

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