The number of known COVID-19 cases in Lincoln County has increased by 10 cases in five days, a trend capped by three new cases on Tuesday, July 28.

Also, five COVID-19 patients are currently under treatment at Great Plains Health. One of those patients is in an intensive care unit on a ventilator, hospital spokeswoman Megan McGown said Monday.

The 10 new cases in five days were announced by the West Central District Health Department. The most recent case are middle age or older – a woman in her 50s, a woman in her 70s and a man in his 60s.

On the previous four days, seven younger people tested positive – a man and woman under the age of 18, a woman in her 20s, two men in their 30s and two men in their 40s.

On Monday, WCDHD Executive Director Shannon Vanderheiden urged everyone to take precautions. She noted although the district has a relatively low number of cases, they are not decreasing. Instead, the numbers are jumping some.

“Our number of cases are low compared to other areas, however, that in and of itself is not the only piece of data that we look at,” Vanderheiden said.

“As things have started to open back up and activities are happening, we have seen our cases double, and hold at that double number, and double again, and hold at that double number,” she said. “We are really watching that very closely.”

Vanderheiden encouraged everyone to wear masks in public.

Thus far since the outbreak began, there have been 80 known COVID-19 cases in Lincoln County, plus 8 cases in three other counties in the west central district – Hooker, McPherson and Thomas.