A three-member district judge panel issued the sentence Monday for convicted murderer Bailey Boswell — life in prison.

This comes at the four-year mark of brutal death of the victim, Sydney Loofe.

Loofe disappeared after a Nov. 15, 2017 date with Boswell. Police found Loofe’s body cut up into pieces and wrapped in plastic bags in Clay County 19 days later.

Previously, Aubrey Trail, thought to be the leader in the murder, was convicted and sentenced to die by execution for his crimes. The sentence will be automatically appealed.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson announced the sentence and spoke of the victim’s family.

“Throughout the criminal justice process, Sydney’s family has persevered with dignity,” Peterson said. “With the criminal cases coming to a close and the anniversary of her death approaching, our thoughts are with the Loofe family during this difficult time.”

“We appreciate the very challenging work performed by the jury in this matter,” he said. “I also want to thank all of the important law enforcement agencies that collaborated in developing the evidence necessary to result in this murder conviction and sentence.”

The many law enforcement agencies who served to investigate and then prosecute Sydney’s death are: Lincoln Police, FBI, Nebraska State Patrol, Saline County Sheriff, Saline County Attorney Tad Eickman, and the Criminal Bureau in the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office. 

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