Aaron Edwards, his father Lee and sons Ayden, 8, and Alec, 3, went on a mission of mercy Saturday, June 30, accompanied by Denny Harrahill of Adams-Swanson Funeral Home.

With lawnmowers and weed whippers, they mowed the overgrown grass and weeds at a largely abandoned cemetery in the far reaches of Lincoln County — seven and a half miles south of Wallace.

The crew cut the thee-foot tall grass and straightened what they could in the cemetery, where nearly 200 people are buried.

Edwards has a reverence for rural cemeteries. So does his father Lee and his mother Boni, who is the Lincoln County Surveyor.

The family currently helps maintain four small cemeteries in Frontier County. It’s a family activity.

Previously, the Lincoln County Commissioners were approached to allocate $1,000 for care of the cemetery. In reply, Commissioner Bill Henry wished aloud that someone would step forward and be responsible for it.

When Aaron Edwards saw the news report of the commissioner’s meeting, he took it on without guarantee of compensation.

“We just did it,” Edwards said.

The cemetery is also known as Pleasant Valley Cemetery. It is 7.5 miles south of Wallace, not far from the Hayes County line. There have been no burials there since 1953, Harrahill said.


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