The North Platte High School girls’ soccer team scored all three of their goals in the second half Tuesday in their 3-2 win over Hastings at Madison Middle School.

“We had two different teams in the first half and the second half,” NPHS coach Sarah Kaminski said. “First half, we were playing a little hesitant and we played like we didn’t own the field. In the second half, we challenged them at halftime and they were challenging themselves to get out there and change their sense of urgency and intensity on the field. I told them this is the proudest I’ve been of them this season. They stuck it out. They really did their job well. They did what they needed to do and they stuck together.”

Hastings (6-3) scored first when Haley Schram got a goal off a corner kick and the Tigers held the lead for the rest of the first half.

North Platte (6-2) evened the game up with a goal by Gracie Haneborg 12 minutes into the second half.

The Bulldogs then wasted no time taking the lead when Kyilee Elsten scored a minute later.

It didn’t last. Hastings tied it back up at 2-2 a minute later with a goal by Abby DeWitt.

After three straight minutes of goals being scored, things slowed down. But with nine minutes left in regulation, Haneborg got her second goal to give the Lady Dawgs the lead once again.

In the final minutes, NPHS hung on. The chances the Tigers had to tie it again were few and far between as the Lady Bulldogs controlled the ball and kept the action at Hastings’ end for most of the time remaining to close out the game.

“We made some adjustments after (the 4-2 overtime loss to) Lincoln Southeast and we talked about different formations we would do if we needed to hold a lead versus us being behind and needing to get a lead,” Kaminski said. “We shifted our formation to hold tight, defensively. The girls stuck it out and, again, they played their roles and did what they needed to do. I saw some real intense play in the last five minutes and I could tell they weren’t going to lose this game.”

At the Greater Nebraska Athletic Conference tournament in Norfolk April 7, the North Platte girls split two games. They defeated Lexington 3-0 in the first round. In the semifinals against Columbus, the Bulldogs led 3-2 at halftime before giving up two goals in the second half to the Discoverers to lose 4-3.