We have a choice to make for who we want to represent us in our unicameral legislature.

Anything the unicameral does is hard to change but the public can change it. Mike Groene has a very conservative attitude in the unicameral.

Some people want a free ride by the government paying the bill. They have the government borrowing lots of money in the name of the public, so they can get free handouts from the government.

Some are getting millions of dollars this way.

This is not sustainable. People will quit loaning to the government because they see they are not going to get their value back. This is happening in several places in the world right now and it will happen in Nebraska and/or the United States in our lifetime if we do not change our ways.

This is the new slavery — to take more from the government than you pay in.

We do not have to look far to know the ones who are doing this. I am voting for Mike Groene to represent us in the unicameral because he is a conservative, pay as you go, low tax sort of a person who is not looking for handout.

Slavery is not good for the slave or people in general.

My granddad could tell Civil War stories because he was born at the end of the war. It was the bloodiest war the U.S. has ever been in. Let’s not repeat it.

Let’s all vote for Mike Groene.

— Joe Estermann, Wellfleet