As a representative for a community like Fremont, I know that agriculture is the backbone of Nebraska’s economy and our No. 1 economic driver.

As such, it is incumbent upon the state of Nebraska to sustain, grow, and protect our farmers. By supporting research at our universities, building roads and bridges, and investing in the next generation of farmers and ranchers, we must be prepared to compete in the global marketplace.

And while much of our country’s farm policy is formulated at the federal level, the Krist-Walz administration will be a strong advocate for agriculture and rural Nebraska at the state level.

Our first step to help Nebraska’s farmers is to fix the property tax problem that has plagued the farming community for years. Property taxes are out of control, and the current administration has failed to address the issue. We must restore state funding for education and cut property taxes.

Furthermore, we will continue to oppose trade wars. Nothing is more dangerous to Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers than a trade war that reduces our exports and lowers commodity prices.

Krist-Walz will speak out forcefully when actions by the President threaten our livelihood and economic future.

During my time as a state senator, I saw firsthand how great the need is for expanded and improved rural broadband. A lack of broadband connections to the world reduces the capacity of rural Nebraska to grow and diminishes quality of life. From healthcare to manufacturing, and everything in between, rural broadband is essential to agriculture and rural Nebraska’s future.

We are ready to fight for our farmers and rural communities.


Sen. Lynne Walz is a Nebraska state senator and a candidate for lieutenant governor of Nebraska on the Democratic ticket.