The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is required to keep records of people the department or the courts find responsible for the abuse and neglect of a child or vulnerable adult.

In accordance with the state law, the Child and Adult Abuse Central Registry Check was launched online in March.

Previously, Nebraskans could only request background checks via U.S. mail, email or fax. Requests should now be submitted through a new online portal or through U.S. Mail, the department said Tuesday.

The online portal was to serve Nebraskans better, DHHS CEO Dr. Courtney Phillips said. “We want to offer the people of Nebraska the best services in a timely manner. Helping people live better lives also means keeping up with the latest technological advances and incorporating them into our processes, when possible,” Phillips said.

In this case, the online portal helps users more easily request, receive and review background checks. Users are reporting positive experiences with the portal.

“We love how fast the checks are coming back in the new system,” said user Cari Harms, Human Resources Supervisor at Catholic Health Initiatives.

Jeff Kuhl, an office manager at Integrated Life Choices, said his organization generates hundreds of requests each year, “so it’s imperative that we are able to submit and receive accurate requests and results with a dependable return time.”

Integrated Life Choices works with people with developmental disabilities.

The new APS/CPS online system is much more user-friendly, Kuhl said.

The online portal streamlines the process by:

  • Ensuring clear and accurate requests. All information is entered online.
  • Eliminating the return of requests. Information on requests is sometimes missing or illegible. The portal requires certain information be placed in data fields before electronic submission.
  • Permitting individuals to request a self-check. It is the responsibility of those whose backgrounds are being checked to enter their personal information and verify their identity, reducing the requester’s responsibility to verify identities.
  • Allowing the review of all background checks and results. Through the portal, requesters may review background checks and results, download them or monitor progress on requests. This improves access to information.
  • Allowing online identity verifications. A person’s identity can be easily verified online.

As of June 1, the Central Registry online portal has:

  • 3,064 total users.
  • 26,916 background check requests to date.
  • 50% have used the online ID verification.
  • 50% have used a notary attachment. For more information, or to request a background check through the portal, visit