Nine customers remained without power in Ogallala Sunday night, where six poles need to be replaced, NPPD spokesman Mark Becker said.

Becker said material had to be transported Sunday to Ogallala from York and could not be moved sooner because I-80 was closed on Saturday.

I-80 closed during the storm that hit late Friday afternoon. Hundreds of vehicles were stranded after numerous accidents blocked the highway. Workers could not get through stalled traffic to move the wrecked vehicles off the highway, the Nebraska State Patrol said.

During the storm, nearly 4,900 NPPD electric customers were without power at various times, Becker said. The blizzard and the closed roads kept NPPD crews from making repairs Friday night and most of Saturday.

Becker said Sunday evening that power has been restored in two other Nebraska communities – Butte and Atkinson in northern Nebraska, both of which lost power on Friday night due to the blizzard.

Electricity was restored in Butte for 240 customers at 2:45 p.m. Sunday. A temporary mobile generator was placed in operation until permanent repairs can be made.

Atkinson was re-energized at 5:50 p.m. Sunday for 903 customers, using a mobile transformer.

The mobile transformer will remain in use until a sub-transmission line is repaired from O’Neill to Atkinson, where 38 poles on the line were damaged, Becker said.

Work will begin early this week to replace the poles and related structures, Becker said.