Garrett M. Theiler, 21, was charged Friday with stealing from his grandmother, allegedly running up debit and credit card debts of nearly $3,000 in her name.

Theiler was taken to the Lincoln County jail, held on a bond of $50,000.

According to the arrest record, Theiler began using his grandmother’s debit card a year or so ago after he lost his job.

His grandmother allowed him to use the card for such things as groceries and fuel. After awhile, she asked for the card back.

In addition, Theiler had two cards in his own name and was unable to pay those bills, so his grandmother helped him make the payments for a while, using an electronic payment system.

It became more then she could afford, but the payments continued, the arrest record says.

On Jan. 3, she noticed payments to Capital One were automatically deducted from her bank account.

She had to change her debit card account, and her card, multiple times to get the charges to stop, the arrest record says.

Theiler is charged with unauthorized use of financial transaction devices, a felony.

In addition, he is charged with attempted possession of meth with intent to distribute. That charge dates back to Nov. 23.