ICON to host gubernatorial candidates( views)

The North Platte Bulletin - October 18, 2021
The Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska will hold their annual convention in Broken Bow, Oct. 29 and feature candidates who want to be the state’s next governor.

WIFE to hold annual convention in McCook(12 views)

The North Platte Bulletin - October 12, 2021
The National Convention for Women Involved in Farm Economics is coming to McCook, the first time the organization for women in agriculture has held a national convention in southwest Nebraska. 

Fall irrigation of alfalfa(11 views)

IANR News - October 11, 2021
There have been many stressors on alfalfa fields this year, from early weevils to drought and hail and now fall armyworms and cutworms. Can fall irrigation help with stand stress?

Reducing yucca in rangeland(20 views)

IANR News - October 11, 2021
Yucca plants, which are also called soapweed, can be quite common on rangeland in western and central Nebraska. In some areas, they can be quite thick and significantly reduce grass production. There are ways, though, to reclaim those grazinglands.

Prussic acid and frost(11 views)

IANR News - October 11, 2021
With a warmer than usual fall so far, we’ve been able to graze later in the year with few concerns. However, cold temperatures are not far off and with our first freezes of the year comes the risk of prussic acid in sorghum species. 

Fall pasture management(15 views)

IANR News - October 04, 2021
While truly cold weather may still be a few weeks away, how we manage fall pastures can impact plant health through the winter and ultimately production next spring.  Are you giving your pastures proper care this fall?

Ammoniating forages(6 views)

IANR News - October 04, 2021
With dry conditions across the state this summer, we may be low on forage reserves. Ammoniating low quality hay or crop residues may be a cheap way to stretch feed.

Grain sorghum stover, stalk grazing(9 views)

IANR News - October 04, 2021
Grain sorghum stover compares favorably to corn regarding fall & winter stalks grazing, and livestock producers are encouraged to utilize corn and sorghum crop residues remaining after harvest.

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