Controlling musk thistle(26 views)

IANR News - May 03, 2021
Did you have musk thistles last year?  If so, I’m sure you’ll have them again this spring.  And even through you may have done some herbicide control last fall, there are always those that may have been missed.  

Seedbeds for planting grasses, alfalfa(10 views)

IANR News - April 30, 2021
Those looking to get grass or alfalfa seed into the ground this spring are doing so now. Before you fill up the drill and head out to plant, remember to prep the seedbed first.

May: Beef month(7 views)

Brenda Aufdenkamp, NU Extension - April 30, 2021
May is National Beef Month, and Nebraska has historically been known as “The Beef State.” So as the weather warms, the time and place are right to celebrate beef month with a barbecue. When handling beef or any meat, keep in mind these good food safety practices:

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