State conservationist announces retirement(13 views)

Joanna Pope, USDA NRCS - December 01, 2020
Craig Derickson, the Nebraska state conservationist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, will retire on Dec. 31.

Reforming the cattle marketplace(24 views)

The North Platte Bulletin - November 30, 2020
Efforts to reform the way that live cattle are bought and sold are underway in Congress, following the collapse of the normal business process during the summer.

Nebraska Corn Board seeks candidates(6 views)

The North Platte Bulletin - November 30, 2020
Notice is hereby given that the terms for three members of the Nebraska Corn Development, Utilization and Marketing Board, also known as the Nebraska Corn Board, will expire June 30, and Nebraska’s corn checkoff program is seeking candidates to petition for those districts.

USDA service centers closed to walk-in appointments, open to phone calls(10 views)

Bobbie Kriz-Wickham, USDA - November 30, 2020
The U.S. Department of Agriculture  is temporarily restricting in-person visits for numerous farm service centers in Nebraska because of elevated rates of coronavirus community spread, but USDA employees will continue to help agricultural producers with programs and services.

Independent cattlemen: Commonly held value(10 views)

The North Platte Bulletin - November 30, 2020
The Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska presented a fresh approach to reforming Nebraska’s livestock brand laws at a legislative committee meeting in North Platte Wednesday, Nov. 18.

Reducing fed hay losses(10 views)

IANR News - November 30, 2020
Making, transporting, and feeding hay is a large investment in time, equipment, and money. How can you reduce loss of hay during feeding to make that investment go further?

Prescribed burning to control cedar trees(11 views)

IANR News - November 30, 2020
Eastern red cedar trees are a significant and expanding problem across many pasture and rangeland acres in Nebraska. When fire is planned and controlled properly, it can be a very useful tool to control these unwanted plants.

Alfalfa soil test: pH and potassium(14 views)

IANR News - November 24, 2020
So you pulled some soil cores and now you have the results in your hand, now what? On your soil test results you will want to check out pH, potassium, and phosphorous levels across all soil textures. If you have a lighter textured soil, check for sulfur levels as well. Today we will focus on pH and potassium recommendations.

Grazing under snow and ice(10 views)

IANR News - November 24, 2020
For producers hoping to winter animals on crop residues or pasture, too much snow and ice can be an issue (although the lack of moisture is a concern these days.) How can winter weather impact your herd management this year?

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