Police arrested Christopher Tagwerker Monday, the man who withstood a taser and escaped a deputy sheriff in February at the Tail Race canal.

Tagwerker, who was on probation, was found in the alley behind his house with samurai swords and drug paraphernalia in his vehicle.

He was convicted of attempted assault on a peace officer, after he and a woman were found parked at the Tail Race at midnight Feb. 28. The sheriff’s office said the couple had a meth pipe and a mean dog, and a struggle ensued.

The deputy made the couple get out of the pickup separately. While he was detaining the woman, Tagwerker reportedly tossed the meth pipe.

The deputy said he gave Tagwerker three commands, all of which he ignored, so the deputy hit him with a taser, but Tagwerker kept resisting.

Tagwerker reportedly walked away from the taser charge, got back in his pickup, locked the doors, then drove in the direction of the deputy, forcing the deputy to get behind his vehicle, the sheriff’s report said.

Tagwerker sped away into the darkness. The deputy could not pursue him, because he had the woman detained. However, sheriff’s deputies caught Tagwerker two days later, tracking him to the place where he was living.

In April, Tagwerker was convicted of attempted assault of an officer. At sentencing, his defense attorney said there was no definitive evidence that he tried to harm the deputy. He noted that Tagwerker walked away after being tased, instead of challenging the deputy.

Surprisingly, presentence investigators found that Tagwerker was not likely to reoffend, which opened the door to probation instead of jail.

District Judge Donald Rowlands was hesitant, but agreed to probation.

“When somebody does something that places an officer in a position of jeopardy, I am always hesitant to sentence anything other than jail,” he said, “because I don’t want to depreciate the seriousness of what happened.”

Rowlands said it was a close call, but he ordered probation instead of jail.

“I hope I don’t have to see you again,” he added.

The arrest started shortly after noon Monday, when an officer went to a house in the 700 block of East 12th. Probation officers had asked for police assistance.

Tagwerker wasn’t in the house, but he was sitting in a vehicle in the back alleyway, police spokesman John Deal said.

The probation officer asked police to search the vehicle. Random searches are part of probation. The search turned up a glass pipe in a jacket, containing residue that field tested positive for meth, Deal said.

Also, two samurai swords were found in the trunk.

Because of the conviction for attempted assault, Tagwerker is prohibited from possessing deadly weapons, such as samurai swords.

He was taken to jail, charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person.

He is now held on bonds totaling $30,000, according to sheriff’s records.