After 20 years serving the North Platte area, the Whiskey Creek restaurant has closed their doors.

Owner Jim Gardner said he has been in negotiations with the landlord for nearly a year to extend the lease, but those negotiations were not bearing fruit.

“We felt that the landlord’s terms were not fair and equitable to a tenant that has been in business here for as long as we have been,” Gardner said in a press release. “In our opinion, rent increases were exorbitant and other terms inserted into the deal in recent days made the lease agreement no longer attractive.”

Gardner said he is saddened that such a successful business at this location had to end that way. He said the facility “is in bad shape and the landlord was not willing to make any improvements, but instead wanted to raise the rent by $30,000.”

Gardner said his company put $200,000 in the building five years ago, but it needed much more than that to bring it up to par.

He said he would look for a new location to build a Whiskey Creek somewhere else in North Platte.

“We have had multiple offers by individuals willing to build-to-suit a new facility for us,” he said.

It was the second restaurant closure in less than a week in North Platte. R&R Eclectic, a mom and pop in the downtown Parkade Plaza specializing in Gyros, other sandwiches and meals, closed Sept. 27.