The North Platte water department is conducting a four-day water chlorination from Tuesday, June 11 to Friday, June 14.

The chlorination is a preventative measure, officials said.

A considerable amount of work is currently underway on North Platte water mains, which could result in dirt in the water system and a unacceptable amount of coliform bacteria. If coliform turns up in a water sample, it will require a longer period of chlorination.

The city takes 25 water samples a month. If two of the 25 samples are positive for coliform, no matter how little, it triggers a manadatory 30-day treatment.

Previously, 30-day chlorine treatments were conducted in November-December 2023 and again in January-February.

Those with chlorine sensitivities or who have animals with sensitivities to chlorine should take the proper precautions.

Chlorine is toxic to fish, other aquatic animals, reptiles and amphibians, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says. Chlorine can be removed from water by letting it sit out for a few days or buying a product at a pet store that removes the chlorine.

The small amount of chlorine added to water will generally not affect other pets (such as mammals and birds) and can be used regularly for watering and bathing animals, according to the CDC.

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