The Nebraska Legislature fell five senators short of reaching the 33 needed to force a special session to stop vaccine mandates, Secretary of State Bob Evnen said Tuesday.

Evnen conducted the official poll of senators after he received a letter from 26 senators requesting the special session. Two more senators joined the effort, but the effort still fell short.

Gov. Pete Ricketts thanked the 29 senators and noted that would not be enough to break a filibuster if he exercised his option to call the legislature into special session.

Ricketts urged more senators to join the call.

“Right now, there are Nebraskans who are losing their jobs over vaccine mandates,” he said. “Until more senators step up, these people who are hurting won’t get the help they need. Senators that have been holding back need to come together and help the Nebraskans being hurt by vaccine mandates.”

Union Pacific Railroad, including Bailey Yard in North Platte, is telling employees to meet a Dec. 8 deadline to be fully vaccinated or face termination. There is no option to “test out” of the vaccination requirement.

Here are the 28 senators that support a special session:

Sens. Joni Albrecht, John Arch, Bruce Bostelman, Tom Brandt, Tom Brewer, Tom Briese, Robert Clements, Myron Dorn, Steve Erdman, Mike Flood, Curt Friesen, Suzanne Geist, Tim Gragert, Mike Groene, Steve Halloran, Ben Hansen, Mike Hilgers, Dan Hughes, Brett Lindstrom, Lou Ann Linehan, John S. Lowe, Sr., Mike McDonnell, Mike Moser, Dave Murman, Rich Pahls, Rita Sanders, Julie Slama, and Matt Williams.

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