Good news for Union Pacific employees who need to buy boots for 2019:

As of early January, Union Pacific employees can still get reimbursed for half the cost of work boots purchased locally for 2019, Brown’s Shoe Fit said Friday afternoon. 

Union Pacific previously told employees they would only reimburse the cost of boots that were purchased from an online company in Kentucky.

However, “under the rules, if you have not purchased boots for 2019, you are eligible for new boots,” the store said Friday afternoon in a Facebook post. “You will be reimbursed half the cost, up to $100, within three pay periods.”

Also in the workers’ favor, Brown’s sells Red Wing work boots, a brand that the store in Kentucky does not offer. 

UP’s reimbursement policy and its damaging effect on local stores was reported in early December in the Bulletin.  Also, we reported instances of major institutions shopping out of town, such as the community college and the public school district, to the detriment of Kittle’s Music and photography shops in town.

Brown’s was happy to share the good news.

“We thank all UP employees and their families for their continued support and look forward to serving you as long as we can,” they said.