Gas is priced at 30 cents a gallon below the national average during the first days of operation at the Gulf travel center south of North Platte’s I-80 interchange.

The station, formerly known as Fat Dogs convenience store and fuel stop, has undergone a year-long, $6 million renovation and expansion with 10,000 square-feet of floor space, a Hardee’s restaurant, a wide variety of products, showers and a laundromat.

New high-volume diesel fuel pumps have been added.

It has 86-octane gas for sale at $2.39 a gallon cash, and a nickel higher for credit cards. The price is posted on several pumps.

Other outlets around town are selling gas for around $2.61 a gallon after starting the week around $2.67.

The national average is $2.76 a gallon and the Nebraska average is $2.69, according to the Nov. 4 Triple A Auto Club report.

It is hard to find gas priced as low as $2.39 a gallon anywhere else in the nation, although the price is listed in a couple other places – parts of southern Missouri and Louisiana, according to the AAA website.

Owner Mark Wilkinson said he intends to continue to sell gas for the lowest price in town.

“The people of North Platte need us because we have the cheapest gas,” he said. “Without us, the price would go up all over town.”

Wilkinson also has travel centers and convenience stores in Ogallala, North Platte, Grand Island and Lincoln.

Across the nation, gas prices are at a 4-year high and about 35 cents a gallon higher than a year ago, AAA reports.