State troopers removed 29 impaired drivers from the road while conducting extended patrols during the Independence Day weekend.

“Nebraska roadways were busy over the 4th of July weekend,” said Col. John Bolduc, the Nebraska State Patrol Superintendent. “While our troopers were busy on patrol, the vast majority of drivers were making good driving decisions and doing their part to keep the roads safe. As the summer continues, we urge all drivers to watch their speed, wear their seat belt, put their phone down, and always drive sober.”

In addition to 29 arrests for driving under the influence, troopers issued these citations:

• Speeding (592)

• Driving under suspension (32)

• Open alcohol container (16)

• No seat belt (18)

• Improper child restraint (12)

• Minor in possession of alcohol (10).

Troopers also helped 172 motorists in need.

This effort was made possible thanks in part to grant funding from the Highway Safety Office of the Nebraska Department of Transportation. The campaign ran from July 3–July 7, NSP spokesman Cody Thomas said.

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