Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom has released its annual report on the conservative voting of members of the Nebraska Unicameral during the 2020 session.

The NTF rates senators based on their fiscal responsibility, intervention into the private lives of Nebraska citizens, and positions on legislation dealing with law and order.

NTF rates state senators based on a curved point scale. NTF tracked 68 bills and resolutions in the 2020 session. Starting at a base of zero, senators received 1.471 points for each good vote.

In first place was state Sen. Rob Clements (Dist. 2). Clements also was our first-place state senator in 2019. Placing second was state Sen. Bruce Bostelman (Dist. 23), also our second-place state senator in 2019. Placing lowest was State Sen. Justin Wayne (Dist. 13).

NTF president Doug Kagan stated, “We want to make available to all Nebraska taxpayers our comprehensive voting record, so that they can see the unmet challenge of achieving property tax and spending relief.”

Because NTF wants overtaxed and over-regulated Nebraskans to see transparent voting records of state senators, NTF annually places this comprehensive voting record on its web site: