Super-strong straight winds wreaked havoc west of North Platte around 7 p.m. Friday, reaching 100 miles an hour.

The “microburst” swath was 8 miles long and about three miles wide, the National Weather Service in North Platte said. It lasted about 15 minutes.

A semi-truck was blown straight over on its side on I-80, about four miles east of the Hershey exit. Also, an irrigation pivot was flipped along the path, leaves were stripped off cornstalks, several grain bins were damaged, and a woman was injured when she was blown off her bike and hit by debris, the weather service said.

Workers cleaned up the aftermath on I-80 Monday, offloading the Crete Carrier semi-truck and trailer that was blown over as it traveled along on I-80. It was carrying a load of surgical scrub brushes.

A microburst is an intense small-scale downdraft produced by a thunderstorm. The swath of damage caused by this microburst started southwest of North Platte and traveled northeast to near Bailey Yard, the weather service said.