A new “StoryWalk” has become a part of the North Platte recreational trails network, created by librarian Anne Ferguson of Vermont.

The StoryWalk begins at the junction of the Centennial Trail and Buffalo Bill Ave., just north of the South Platte River Bridge. Children from Kids Klub’s summer program will take the inaugural walk at 10 a.m. on Thursday, July 11.

Storyboards tell stories for young for about a mile along the Buffalo Bill trail. The initial story, “Snow in the Jungle,” is about welcoming others, whether it be to a new school, new community, new state or new country. 

The storyboards will support interactive conversation between children and adults and are written in both English and Spanish, said Trudy Merritt of the West Central Health District. 

The content of the storyboards will change every 4-6 weeks with the help of local librarians, Merritt says. The goal is to foster a love of reading and a passion for physical activity, both essential to thriving children. 

The project is a collaboration of the Platte River Fitness Series, the City of North Platte, North Platte Public Library and West Central District Health Department along with support from North Platte Trails Network, Nebraskaland Bank and Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation, Merritt said.

“It has taken a while, but I am very happy to welcome you to a new space where kids can come to read, to learn, and to move their bodies in ways that help them learn and for families to share the joys of both,” she said.

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