A snow alert will be issued in North Platte at 6 p.m. tonight (Monday,) giving notice to move cars off main routes so snow can be cleared from the storm that is expected Tuesday.

(The list of main streets / snow routes is below.)

Unless something changes in the forecast, a snow emergency will be issued at 6 a.m. Tuesday. After that time, any vehicles parked on the snow routes will receive parking tickets.

“Please use good judgment and planning and move your vehicles before it become a problem for you and the snow plows,” Police spokeswoman Beth Kerr said Monday.

Here are the emergency snow routes:

RODEO ROAD – Jeffers west to city limits

EAST 12TH – Jeffers east to city limits

WEST 9TH – Jeffers to west city limits

EAST 8TH – Jeffers to east city limits

WEST 14TH – Buffalo Bill Avenue to Adams Ave.

WEST 16TH – Webster Avenue to Buffalo Bill Ave.

WEST 18TH – Buffalo Bill Avenue to Sheridan Ave.

WEST 19TH – Sheridan Avenue to Adams Ave.

ROOSEVELT AVE. – 8th Street to 14th St.

BRYAN AVE., NORTH – 16th Street to Railroad St.

POPLAR ST. – 4th Street to 12th St.

POPLAR ST. – Francis Street to Philip Ave.

JEFFERS ST. – North city limits to South city limits

ADAMS AVE. – 9th Street to 19th St.

SHERIDAN AVE. – Rodeo Road to 19th St.

DODGE AVE. – 9th Street to north city limits

DEWEY ST. – South city limits through S-curve to Jeffers

WILLOW ST. – Leota Street to Rodeo Road

WILLOW ST. – Walker Road to State Farm Road

FRONT ST. – West city limits to Poplar St.

4TH ST. – Pacific Street to east city limits

2ND ST. – Buffalo Bill Avenue to west city limits

“A” ST. – Willow Street to west city limits

“B” ST. – Sherman Avenue to Bicentennial Ave.

“E” ST. – Bryan Avenue to Dixie Ave.

PHILIP AVE. – Lakeview Blvd to Newberry Access

FRANCIS ST. – McDonald Road to 300 feet east of Poplar St.

LEOTA ST. – Oak Street to east city limits McDonald Road to Bare Ave.

EUGENE AVE. – Highway 83 west to city limits

WALKER ROAD – Highway 83 west to city limits

WALKER ROAD – Newberry Road access west to dead-end

HALLIGAN DRIVE – From U.S. Hwy 83 east to Newberry Road

BICENTENNIAL AVE. – Highway 30 (4th St.) south to Philip Ave.

INDUSTRIAL AVE. – Philip Avenue to Prospect Dr.

PROSPECT DRIVE – Industrial Avenue to Philip Ave.

WELCH AVE. – Philip Avenue to 4th St.

BRYAN AVE., SOUTH – Front Street to Philip Ave.

SILBER AVE. – Philip Avenue to 4th St.

COTTONWOOD ST. – 4th Street to Wal-Mart entrance

OAK ST. – Leota Street to Front St.

JEFFERSON AVE. – “A” Street to Front Street.

MCDONALD ROAD – “A” Street to Leota St.

SHERMAN AVE. – “B” Street to Front St.

CARR AVE.– Leota Street to Front St.

MILLS AVE. – 4th Street to Front St.

BUFFALO BILL AVE. – North city limits to Leota St.

PACIFIC ST. – 4th to Front St.

BARE AVE. – Leota to Front St.

LAKEVIEW BLVD – “A” Street to Philip Ave.

NEWBERRY ACCESS – North city limits to south city limits

STATE FARM ROAD – East city limits to west city limits

SOUTH PARKWAY – State Farm Road north to Fremont Slough

SUNRISE DRIVE – South Parkway to Hwy 83

ELDER AVE. – 2nd Street to ‘E’ St.

TABOR AVE. – Philip Ave. to a point approx 300 feet south of Francis.