Lincoln County Sheriff Jerome Kramer attained folk hero status over the weekend through a Facebook rumor — that was completely untrue.

This post said, “A big shout-out to Lincoln County sheriff Jerome Kramer! It came to my attention today that when so-called ‘peaceful protesters’ flew into North Platte he met them at the airport and escorted them back onto the plane. He told them we didn’t need them here.”

The post added, “Yes! Too bad these other cities don’t have the guts and integrity to do the same thing. Kudos Sheriff Kramer!”

Kramer told the Bulletin Saturday afternoon that he is completely mystified by the rumor.

“I have no idea where that started, but I wasn’t there!” he said.

One of the whopping 1,300 Facebook users who had shared the post by Saturday afternoon said it didn’t occur to her that it might not be true. She said he didn’t intend to spread a rumor.

One reader wondered if the story was floated as a re-election ploy, but Kramer is not up for re-election. He was re-elected in 2018 to a four-year term. He ran unopposed that year and collected 10,828 votes, according to Lincoln County election records.

Taking the rumor in stride with typical good humor, Kramer jokingly suggested it could be expanded to become even more far-fetched.

“You could say I rode my horse through the plate glass windows of the terminal and turned them back single-handedly with my double-barrel shotgun,” he said.

“That sounds pretty good. And John Wayne stood by for backup!” he joked.

Movie star John Wayne died in 1979.