The former home of William “Buffalo Bill” Cody at Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park is looking fresh and improved after a series of restoration projects were completed.

The roof on Scout’s Rest Ranch Barn was replaced in late winter 2018 and early spring of 2019. The large, two-story barn was built in 1887 and could stable 80 horses, some belonging to actors in Cody’s “Wild West” show.

Cody had “Scout’s Rest Ranch” painted across the south side of the roof in four-foot-tall white letters, which adorns the barn today.

Renovation of the Cody mansion’s wooden porch floors and decorative spindle railings was completed in 2019. Inside the mansion, the interior wooden floors were sanded and restored to the character-defining features of the Cody era.

In 2020, many historically correct restorations were made to the outside of the iconic Cody mansion: the Cupola roof was replaced and many decorative wooden features on the outside of the mansion’s windows, siding, and porches were renovated. The mansion was topped off with a fresh coat of white paint and green trim — the historic colors of the mansion.

Adjacent to the historical park lies Buffalo Bill State Recreation Area where a new public archery range was built last year, near the campground.

Nearly $100,000 was reinvested in the renovations, made possible with the use of Capital Maintenance Funds and State Park Improvement Funds established by the state legislature to support park projects. Park Cash Funds also contributed, which includes proceeds from camping, lodging, and park entry permit fees.

Top photo: Renovations to the outside of the Cody mansion include the Cupola roof and decorative wooden features on the windows, siding, and porches, along with a fresh coat of paint. Photos by Julie Gieser, Nebraska Game and Parks