Nebraska’s top elected officials stood before about 75 Lincoln County residents Monday afternoon and asked them to tell their friends and neighbors to vote the party ticket.

“We make a good team,” Gov. Pete Ricketts said.

Sens. Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer as well as Reps. Adrian Smith and Jeff Fortenberry joined the governor on a trip around the state to drum up re-election enthusiasm. They met with constituents and party faithful at North Platte’s Regional Airport/Lee Bird Field.

Fischer and Ricketts thanked state senator Mike Groene for his work as the chairman of legislature’s education committee.

Sen. Ben Sasse, gripping one of his son’s toy footballs, started the rally. He said Republicans are improving the business climate and creating jobs because they aim to lessen bureaucratic interference between producers and consumers.

Fischer, Smith and Ricketts are up for re-election.

Fischer is on the Senate Agriculture committee and is the No. 3 senator on the powerful Armed Forces committee. Smith is on the House Ways and Means committee.

Fischer said the Senate is not totally polarized, but does “get things done” including beefing up the military and cutting taxes. She said she’s sent more than $1 billion to Nebraska, and helped rural airports such as North Platte, and is working on broad band internet deployment to help expand the use of tele-health (connecting medical personnel to rural areas) and “precision agriculture.”

Smith said several ideas in the federal tax cut package “came from you,” and he was able to preserve the IRS tax deduction for local property taxes in the tax package.

He and Fischer said the country and the state are in a good situation economically. He said government should foster opportunities, but not guarantee the outcomes.

Ricketts said President Donald Trump is arguably the most successful president in 200 years, cutting 22 regulations for every one that he has passed, getting federal judges appointed, including two supreme court judges, reducing unemployment to a record level,  seeing the economy grow at a rate of 3-4% .

Ricketts said Nebraska has had the most economic development per capita of any state for two years — more than Kansas, North and South Dakota combined.

And, he said the “Republican team” strongly supports the Second Amendment and they are pro-life.

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of eastern Nebraska’s first congressional district also stressed teamwork, and said Sasse has elevated national discussions with intelligent, principled statements based on Nebraska values.

Afterwards, the elected officials mixed and mingled with the crowd for about 20 minutes. Sasse generated the longest line of well-wishers.