The Republican Plains Activity Conference has recognized students who scored well on the ACT assessment.

All students are in the 12th grade. Their medal is based on their ACT composite score within the following levels:

Bronze medal—a student achieving a score of 24, 25 or 26.

Silver medal—a student achieving a score of 27 or 28.

Gold medal—a student achieving a score of 29 or higher.

These four students had the top individual scores among all the schools in the conference:

Mariah Watson, Arapahoe

Olivia Sis, Dundy County Stratton

Aidon Perlinger, Paxton

Bennett Perlinger, Paxton.

Here are the students earning gold, silver and bronze medals:


Gold medals

Peyton McQuay – daughter of Bryan & Meredith McQuay – Alma Public Schools

Abigail Waldo – daughter of Dwight & Melissa Waldo – Alma Public Schools

Colton Hearn – son of George Hearn and Jennifer Frannsen – Arapahoe Public Schools

John Lee – son of Eric & Miranda Lee – Arapahoe Public Schools

Olivia Leising – daughter of Phillip & Nina Leising and Teresa Leising – Arapahoe Public Schools

Mariah Watson – daughter of Todd & Lisa Watson – Arapahoe Public Schools

Sarah Cope – daughter of Dr. Dean Cope & Shelly Kaspar-Cope – Cambridge Public Schools

Ryann Lewis – daughter of Brad & Michele Lewis – Cambridge Public Schools

Olivia Taylor – daughter of David & Andela Taylor – Cambridge Public Schools

Olivia Sis – daughter of Shane & Nickole Sis – Dundy County Stratton Schools

Paige Wood – daughter of Brett & Annette Wood – Maywood Public Schools

Aidon Perlinger – son of Mark & Debby Perlinger – Paxton Public Schools

Bennett Perlinger – son of Mark & Debby Perlinger – Paxton Public Schools

Dylan Hofman – son of Brent & Deb Hofman – Southwest Public Schools

Kailee Miller – daughter of Kelly Miller and Crystal Adams – Southwest Public Schools

Suzanne Roggenkamp – daughter of Les & Donna Roggenkamp – Southwest Public Schools

Madeline Reeves – daughter of Chris & Cindy Reeves – Southern Valley Public Schools

Haley Witte – daughter of David & Pam Witte – Southern Valley Public Schools

Hannah Robertson – daughter of Darin & Katie Robertson – Wallace Public Schools


Silver medals

Hunter Dahlgren – son of Jeff & Tricia Wilhelm and Rick & Tiffany Dahlgren – Alma Public Schools

Carter Davis – son of Jon & Cindy Davis – Alma Public Schools

Dorothy Sandoz – daughter of Matthew & Joyce Sandoz – Alma Public Schools

Jackson Koller – son of John E. & Denise Koller – Arapahoe Public Schools

Lindsay Schutz – daughter of Vern & Amy Schutz – Bertrand Public Schools

Joesiah Zieger – son of Mason Zieger and Riley Zieger – Bertrand Public Schools

Sophie Brandt – daughter of Matt & Ginella Sweeney – Cambridge Public Schools

Choe Craig – daughter of Monica Lueking and Mike & Cyndi Craig – Cambridge Public Schools

Jenna Ebbers – daughter of Ross & Jo Ebbers – Cambridge Public Schools

Erin Witte – daughter of Doug & Kristy Witte – Cambridge Public Schools

Kyleigh Scott – daughter of Craig & Beth Scott – Hitchcock County Schools

Tristin Smith – son of Dr. Doug & Tina Smith – Medicine Valley Public Schools

Lane Blackwell – son of Brian & Shana Blackwell – Paxton Public Schools

Jordan Callihan – son of Joe & Danita Callihan – Paxton Public Schools

Kaden Schow – son of Kevin & Kim Schow – Paxton Public Schools

Sunnie Stephens – daughter of Manda Lee Stephens – Southwest Public Schools


Bronze medals

Joseph Felix – son of Jesus & JoAnn Felix – Alma Public Schools

Mitchell Gehrig – son of Rob & Erin Gehrig – Alma Public Schools

Kelsey Kermmoade – daughter of Norm & Laurie Kermmoade – Alma Public Schools

Alissa Vlach – daughter of Lee Vlach and Melody Daily – Alma Public Schools

Gentry Anderson – son of Jason & Lisa Anderson – Arapahoe Public Schools

Branigan Schaben – son of Daniel & Anna Schaben – Arapahoe Public Schools

Hunter Swanson – son of Nate & Cortney Swanson – Arapahoe Public Schools

Alivia Wasenius – daughter of Arlyn & Alisha Wasenius – Arapahoe Public Schools

Regaen Hueftle – daughter of Bobby & Shannon Hueftle – Bertrand Public Schools

Amanda Patterson – daughter of Shane & Elizabeth Patterson – Bertrand Public Schools

Miles Peterson – son of Matthew & Vicki Peterson – Bertrand Public Schools

Michael Eddie Jaeger – son of Sam Jaeger & Dr. Shiuvaun Jaeger – Cambridge Public Schools

Karinne Jurey – daughter of Brett & Lindsey Jurey – Cambridge Public Schools

Hailey Morgan – daughter of Kevin & Heather Banzhaf and the late Mike Morgan – Cambridge Public Schools

Audrey Paisley – daughter of Chris & Gloria Paisley – Cambridge Public Schools

Amelia Sayer – daughter of Gregg & Andrea Sayer – Cambridge Public Schools

Grace Frederick – daughter of Jason & Amy Frederick – Dundy County Stratton Schools

Terasa Emmons – daughter of Brandi Emmons – Hitchcock County Public Schools

Amanda Horinek – daughter of Robert & Regina Horinek – Hitchcock County Public Schools

Bryton Jones – son of Jennifer Jones – Hitchcock County Public Schools

Laynee Merrill – daughter of Wayne & Aubree Merrill – Hitchcock County Public Schools

Hayley Yost – daughter of Matt & Heather Yost – Maxwell Public Schools

Tate Hartley – son of Todd & Sheri Hartley – Maywood Public Schools

Jayden Widener – daughter of Ben & Jane Widener – Maywood Public Schools

Sydney Veldhuizen – daughter of Dr. Brian & Shelly Veldhuizen – Medicine Valley Public Schools

Ben Schow – son of Kyle & Cheryl Schow – Paxton Public Schools

Simran Shah – son of Dharmseh (Don) & Ushaben Shah – Paxton Public Schools

Shelby Shoemaker – daughter of Tom Shoemaker and Jen Wilcox – Southwest Public Schools

Pete Brown – son of Todd & Tina Brown – Southern Valley Public Schools

Savanah Ellis – daughter of Ben & Gina Ellis – Southern Valley Public Schools

James Wassinger – son of Andy & Denise Brown – Southern Valley Public Schools

Natalie Marquardt – daughter of Kelly & Jennifer Marquardt – Wallace Public Schools

Cameron McClintock – son of Grant & Kate McClintock –   Wallace Public Schools

Chevi McClintock – daughter of Gavin & Cherie McClintock and Todd & Heather Jensen – Wallace Public Schools

Lake Reikofski – son of Roger Reikofski and Denise Reikofski – Wauneta-Palisade Public Schools