Two weeks before the start of North Platte’s Rail Days, the tickets are all claimed for bus tours of Bailey Yard, organizers said Monday evening.

A “Wait List” line has been started for people still wanting tickets.

“If you are looking for tickets, please sign up for the wait list or you can stand in a “stand by” line at the boarding area, east of Cody pool at Cody Park.

“There is no guaranteed seats for standby, however we will do our best to accommodate,” organizer Kirsten Parker said in an email.

On Saturday, Sept. 22, tour buses will take passengers to areas such as; the original North Platte Canteen location, the wheel defect detector, the east Hump Yard, the sand & fueling station, the Golden Spike Tower and much more of the world’s largest rail yard.


Train tickets

The other highly popular attraction of Rail Days – passenger train rides to Maxwell and back – are still up in the air.

Tickets have not been released for the ride, Parker said Monday.

“As soon as we have them, we will give you a 48-hour heads up with the time and link of where to book them.

“Last year, all 800 tickets went in about 15 minutes, so be prepared,” she said in an email.

For all the information about Rail Days, click HERE.