North Platte police chief Dan Hudson and the rest of the department were honored Tuesday night by the African Coalition of America.

At the start the city council meeting, North Platte resident Rev. Michael Broome presented a plaque to Hudson and the department thanking them for their service and fairness to the African American citizens of North Platte.

Broome, who served for 20 years on the Chicago police force before he moved to North Platte about three years ago, said he was impressed that the department helped North Platte demonstrators on May 31, when the nation was in turmoil over the killing of George Floyd of Minneapolis, leading to prolonged riots in many parts of the country.

“The police were out there along with pizza and water,” he said. “That moved me.”

Broome said he’s never had a problem with police in North Platte, and never been stopped by them. He said the police seems to be really for the community.

Broome is a member of the coalition of African American pastors, and has served as the Nebraska president.

After the brief presentation, Mayor Dwight Livingston told Broome, “I really appreciate what you just did.”

Livingston told the Bulletin that another North Platte resident, Thomas Cartwright, also had an hand in the award and also expressed his respect for the North Platte police. Cartwright is a six-year Army veteran and a 15-year resident of North Platte.