Police interviewed several people Thursday with information about a threatened shooting at Adams Middle School, as well as the teenager himself, Police Chief Dan Hudson said Friday.

Hudson explained the situation in order to counter rumors on social media that the police were not transparent in announcing that the threat was bogus.

Hudson said when the 14-year-old boy was questioned, he admitted he was trying to get out of going to school on Monday, Nov, 25, so he left a note in the bathroom saying there would be a shooting that day at the school.

Hudson said the threat was not against a specific student.

He said police are “aware of the detailed specifics of what was threatened because during the interview, the subject was open and explained exactly what had transpired.”

However, some social media commentators say the police are withholding information concerning threats to the schools.

“I would like to assure our North Platte community and specifically our North Platte school parents, that the North Platte Police Department has not received any further information concerning additional threats to (either) the North Platte public schools or the North Platte Catholic schools,” Hudson said.

“As always, we ask anyone with specific information concerning any criminal matter to please contact the North Platte Police Department,” he said. “While social media is a great tool to disseminate information, it can also fuel hysteria and spread information that is not true. ”

Hudson reiterated that the North Platte police are not aware of any active threats to the North Platte schools. Extra police officers were at Adams Middle School on Monday to monitor the situation. Not only was there no trouble, they got a lot of high fives for solving the case, Kerr said.