Jenni Gallagher, a nurse in Plattesmouth, started making washable masks for health care workers in her free time, and the idea took off.

Her facebook page, Nebraska’s Hands and Feet, gained 1,200 followers in just 36 hours, she said Monday.

She said it started as a way to honor her mother on the anniversary of her death.

A mask takes less than 10 minutes to make, Gallagher told WOWT news of Omaha. The masks are made of double sheets of 100% cotton with fabric ties or elastic bands.  They are washable and reusable.

This is an all-volunteer effort, she said.

She said 40 masks will be donated to North Platte’s Great Plains Hospital, which recently asked construction companies to consider donating extra masks if they have some. There is a nationwide demand for masks. Gallagher hopes to keep the ball rolling in Nebraska.

Gallagher’s You Tube tutorial is HERE.

The facebook group is HERE.