Nearly 200 cars, trucks, bikes, scooters and even a modified little red wagon took part in the Platte River Cruise and car show Saturday in North Platte.

Nationally known artist Ryan Evans of the television program Counting Cars was part of the festivities, as was Groovy’s Garage of Sardis, Miss. and Kirby Garage pinstriper Sara Kirby.

The show’s theme was “If you’re proud of it, bring it,” and it attracted all kinds of vehicles, some not long out of deep storage, some exquisitely restored and customized.

Tara Lehn of North Platte at one line of vehicles. Foremost is the pink 1965 Chrysler Newport, with a 383 four-barrel carb and factory air, shown by Dom Shakin of North Platte. Photos by George Lauby

The show was held in the vacant block at Second and Bailey, a new location this year, and one that seemed to work well.

Miss Platte River Cruise Rockabilly 2024 Trixie Von Torque (Paula Sanata) of Henry, Neb. with a 1955 Chevy Belair in its “original patina.

Dozens of awards were handed out. Many exhibitors, such as Tony and Katie Lindsey and son Gary Koch of North Platte, didn’t win awards but had a great time.

Katie entered the Miss Rockabilly pin up girl contest, the first time she’d done so. It won’t be the last either, she said.

Katie Lindsey, the family’s 1952 Plymouth, and a modified low-rider red wagon.

Tony showed his 1959 Plymouth Special Deluxe, a car that’s been in his family since 1959. Tony said he pulled it out of storage a couple years ago and has been sprucing it up. He’s repaired the brakes and electrical system, teaching himself as he goes along. He recently took the car out for a road trip and enjoyed it. The car cruised at 59 mph and got 20 miles to a gallon of gas. It fires right up on a six-volt system, he said.

“They were so simple back then,” he said. “Why didn’t they stick with it? You can fix most everything with a 7/16th wrench, a half-inch wrench and a screwdriver.”

They call the car “The Picnic Basket,” Katie said, in part because the cream color reminds them of that sort of thing.

Tony said he recently took it out for a night drive, and was delighted with the look of the dash lights, including a helpful little light above the key slot.

Gary Koch brought a 1954 Ford Mainline to the show, which runs good and is a work in progress. He recently replaced the springs and shocks.

The three belong to the Roadman Car Club, headquartered in Holyoke, Colo.

Look for more about the big car show in the Bulletin’s July 10 print edition.


Best of Show (picked by Ryan Evans) — Shawn Peterson’s 1969 Ford Mustang Shelby.  

Division awards

Bikes, 1st — 2024 Hyper GoGo Pioneer 12 owned by James Cissell.

Stock, 1st — Poppy Garcia’s 1976 Chevy Monte Carlo.

Stock, 2nd — L. Moore’s 1969 Torino Cobra.

Stock Pre-1970 — Pat Wiezorek and his 1963 Dodge 426 Max Wedge.

Lifted 4 x 4, winner — Tony Anway with a 1982 Jeep CJ7.

Best RatRod (picked by RatRod Magazine) — Harry & Deborah Gardner with their 1946 Chevy tilt bed pickup.  

Tuner, 1st — Logan Schmadeke with his 2020 Toyota GR Supra.

Custom, 1st — Leland Spanjer’s 1950 Ford 2 Door.

Custom, 2nd — Susie McKenney and her 1970 BMW 2002.

Custom, pre-1970 — Dominic Shakin and his 1965 Chrysler Newport.

“If You’re Proud Of It, Bring It!” awards

Brian Mixer & his 1996 Saturn SC2.

Larissa Walter & her 1988 Dodge Diplomat. 

Zyler Cissell & his HyperGarage Cruiser 12.  

Special awards

Best bass/stereo – Andrew Melchert

Loudest Exhaust- Brandon Wilson

Low car limbo- Jedidiah Burkholder.  

Cruisin the One’s prestige award – Roger Freeze, 1989 Z28 Chevy Camaro

Built Not Bought awards

Mike & Carol Ripple – 1958 Impala

James Tomilson – Harley Davidson FX Chopper

Jason “Gordo” Sermeno – 1966 Chevy Impala Lowrider

Gary Brogdon – 2004 Dodge Dakota

Donnee Weverka – 1927 Model T  

Dirt Drags winners:

2 Wheel drive – Lance Witt w/ 1977 Datsun 280Z. 

All Wheel drive – Stevie McCuiston and his 2019 Chevy Silverado.

Gary Koch. at left, and Tony Lindsey, with the ’54 Ford and ’50 Plymouth.

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