On April 28, People’s Family Health Services celebrated 50 years of providing help to women, infants and children, as well as Family Planning programs to the community.

PFHS Executive Director Jodi Sonneman led the community in a narrative describing the history of the agency and the counties it serves.

Sonneman said the agency is provided with state and federal grants. However, PFHS recently lost 30% of its funding. She asks the community to gather together and help extend financial support for the health services to ensure the continuation of the grants that are awarded on a matching basis.

If community members are interested in providing financial support, they are asked to reach out to the agency or stop at the clinic, 102 S. Elm in North Platte.

PFHS is shortening its name to simply, “People’s Health.”

“We hope the shortened name will bring more familiarity to the agency and allow people to recognize our participation within the community,” Sonneman said.

PFHS administers two grant-based projects to the community.

• WIC — pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women and their children under age 5, dietary supplementation, breastfeeding support, and nutrition education.

• Family Planning — reproductive health services including wellness exams, cancer screenings, STI testing and treatment, and birth control.

Fees for both programs are income-based and no one is refused care from Family Planning due to an inability to pay.

People’s Family Health received more than $500 in donations on North Platte Giving Day. More is needed. For more info, see:



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