Toxicology reports from the city of McCook’s waste water treatment plant accident are still pending.

Two city employees, Ken Keslin, 43, and Larry Dicke, 65, were found dead inside the city’s wastewater treatment facility on Sept. 6. Due to toxic gases and hazardous material inside the facility, McCook Fire and Rescue and the Red Willow Western Rural Fire Department Hazardous Material Team were dispatched to the scene to recover the deceased employees.

A welfare check was made after one of the employees did not return home after a routine check of the facilities.

The reports are still pending due to the number of COVID-19 tests being analyzed, said City of McCook Police Chief Joel Smith, after the regular McCook City Council meeting Tuesday night. More information will be available once those reports are released, he said.

At the council meeting, the loss of the two city employees was addressed by City Manager Nate Schneider. In a voice choked with emotion, he read a statement at the beginning of the meeting that acknowledged the men as hard-working employees who did their work “with little fanfare.” The city was lucky to have them as employees but even more lucky to have them as friends, Schneider said, before stopping and unable to read further.

McCook Mayor Mike Gonzales added that he appreciated what city staff is going through during this time and asked for prayers for the families involved.

City offices closed at 9 a.m. Friday for staff to attend the funerals of Larry Dicke and Kenneth Keslin. They will reopen at 7:30 a.m. Monday.