Brewer at the Legislature: Nebraska should be leader in nuclear technology(55 views)

Sen. Tom Brewer - June 21, 2024
Nebraska Public Power District is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Cooper Nuclear Station near Brownsville.

Jacobson at the Legislature: Property tax reform - lower sales tax rates, broaden base ( 2) (130 views)

Sen. Mike Jacobson - June 18, 2024
Nebraskaland Days is in full swing, and once again, the region is playing host to many visitors who travel from all over to be a part of the festivities.

Gov. Jim Pillen: Property tax reform(61 views)

Gov. Jim Pillen - June 18, 2024
Over the past few weeks, Nebraskans across the state have begun receiving their property valuation notices. The common reaction to those statements can be summed up in one word — outrage.

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