Letter: The Season of Lights(40 views)

Letter to the Editor - December 06, 2023
This will be my 30th year of celebrating Hanukkah the Festival of Lights, and the time of rededication of our personal lives to the service of Messiah.

Property tax hikes: Due to lack of openness(164 views)

George Lauby - December 04, 2023
In the last two years, the Nebraska legislature has taken steps to empower taxpayers to have more clout as schools, cities and counties prepare their annual budgets.

Jacobson at the Legislature: Rule changes aim to curb fruitless delays ( 1) (155 views)

Sen. Mike Jacobson - December 04, 2023
This week, senators will be convening at the University of Nebraska Innovation Campus for the annual Legislative Council meeting — the first gathering of the entire legislature since the session adjourned on June 1.

Inbox: Say no to EPIC consumption tax ( 2) (179 views)

Letter to the Editor - December 03, 2023
Nebraskans need to be aware of a proposed ballot initiative, “Consumption Tax LB 79,” that will change the way we pay taxes in our state.

Inbox: Gift wrapping downtown(22 views)

The North Platte Bulletin - December 03, 2023
Thank you for the great advertisements so we know exactly where to go shopping in the Canteen District (this month in the Bulletin’s print edition.) 

Brewer at the Legislature: School boards should be allowed to determine armed security(53 views)

Sen. Tom Brewer - December 02, 2023
As my final session in the Nebraska legislature looms large on the calendar, my office is busy preparing proposed legislation for introduction in January.

Erdman at the Legislature: Gov. makes hard decision to call state workers back to offices ( 1) (81 views)

The North Platte Bulletin - December 01, 2023
The COVID-19 pandemic is over. It has been over for quite some time, and now we are beginning to see what kind of damage some of our bad government decisions have done to our economy, to our society, and to our workforce. 

Mail: Protective services fail to protect(113 views)

Letter to the Editor - December 01, 2023
We are two families struggling to keep our right to raise our children.

Ricketts in the Senate: Farm bill needs some changes(23 views)

Sen. Pete Ricketts - December 01, 2023
Agriculture is the heart and soul of what we do in Nebraska. Our farmers and ranchers feed and fuel the world. Ensuring the strength of our agriculture sector is critical for Nebraska, but also our country. Food security is national security.

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