I am writing to inform you about my husband and my experience at the Jelly Roll concert on June 22, 2024. 

Let me give you a little background about this day. I purchased two ADA tickets for this event at a cost of $158.62 order number 331178887, as a gift to my husband for his birthday, as well as two general admission tickets at a cost of $179.22 order number 334698789. In addition to that we stayed in a hotel in North Platte as we knew the concert would run late and we wouldn’t want to drive back to Sidney for safety reasons, at a cost of $380.29. The reason for the two GA tickets was so that our daughter and son-in-law would be able to attend along with their dad as a gift for his birthday. My husband is a permanently disabled veteran who stands 6’7 and is 315 pounds and I am 5’6 and 140 pounds. I tell you this so that you understand why he was using his tank track wheelchair vs. his wheelchair. I am not able to push him great distances or on uneven terrain, both of which this venue has. When we got to our ADA seats there was not enough space for those in wheelchairs to sit in their chairs and watch the show. They had to all turn sideways because there isn’t enough room for them to face the stage and people to walk past. ADA requirements figure 45 states if wheelchair seating is across the front of fixed seating the minimum requirement for clear floor space is 42” x 48” and that was clearly not the case as my husband’s chair was not able to fit in that area and not have people fall or trip over him. Sadly this was also the case for all of the wheelchairs. When people would try to walk by they were leaning into and touching those in chairs, which is not acceptable.   

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