Ten athletes from North Platte’s swim team competed at the 2023 Nebraska Special Olympics Swim Meet May 18 in Elkhorn.

The North Platte swimmers results:

4×25 meter freestyle relay:
Third place – Kehrry Bassett, Rosie Merrell, Zach Parish, Autumn Weinman.
Fourth – Pam Kackmeister (North Platte), Melissa Crick (Lexington), Jennifer Hendricks (Lexington) and Damon Willets (Lexington).
Level A events: 15 meter walk:
First – Louie Cline.
Second – Philip Hedges, Crystal Davis

25 meter backstroke:
 First – Rosie Merrell, Kehrry Bassett.
 Third – Brad Chapman, Tyler Rossell. Fourth place – Pam Kackmeister.

25 meter breaststroke:
 First – Zach Parish.

25 meter freestyle:
 Fifth place – Pam Kackmeister, Rosie Merrell and Brad Chapman.

50 meter freestyle:
 First – Tyler Rossell.
 Second – Kehrry Bassett.

The team is coached by Marcus Doughty and Kasey Schroeder, with assistance from Chris Radke, Patti Harkreader and Sandee Werblow.

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