An accused car thief who allegedly took joy rides around town on a bitter cold night in February was convicted Monday in Lincoln County District Court.

Anthony McEntee broke into a garage and stole a car northeast of North Platte during the night of Feb. 28.

North Platte Police said eight cars were reported stolen that night. It was thought McEntee would steal one, drive a ways, then steal another, according to police.

Sometimes, he allegedly stole a car that a motorist left running in a parking lot while they were inside shopping on the bitterly cold night, according to police reports.

Of that, McEntee was formally charged with four thefts and eventually convicted of one, as well as burglary. Each charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment.

He was convicted of breaking into Charles Cumpston’s garage on N. Airport Road and stealing his car. He pled no contest to both charges. In exchange for his plea, prosecutors dropped three other formal charges.

At the time, McEntee was under supervision by probation officers after serving 90 days in jail for possession of meth. After he was released on that conviction, he started nine months of supervision.

When he was arrested the morning of Feb. 28 he went back to jail, where he remains, held on a $125,000 bond. McEntee is also wanted in Larimer County, Colo., according to sheriff’s records.

His sentencing is set for Aug. 19.



In other district court proceedings Monday, Jeremy Nelson was convicted of breaking into a home in the 700 block of East 10th on Sept. 3.

Nelson plead no contest. He will stand for sentencing on Aug. 19.



Timothy Dike was convicted of two meth possession charges. He pled guilty and was sentenced to the Midwest Nebraska Drug Court.



Erica Guerra was convicted of meth possession with intent to distribute. Prosecutors said she was found with 12.76 grams of meth.

She pled guilty to the charge and was also sentenced to drug court.



Benjamin Brown was sentenced for failure to update his sex offender registration when he moved to North Platte from Scotts Bluff County.

Brown was arrested May 29. He was sentenced Monday to 150 days in jail, followed by nine months of supervision.

Defense Attorney Kent Florom said Brown was caught in a catch-22. He initially came to North Platte to attend a funeral. He contacted the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office to notify them that he was changing his address to North Platte and was told he had notify the Scotts Bluff County sheriff. The Scotts Bluff County sheriff’s office told Brown he had to update his address in person, and Brown couldn’t get there to do so.



Danielle Blake was convicted of two counts of theft of items valued at $500-1.500. Blake pled guilty to the charges.

She was sentenced to 18 months of probation, under the condition that she will be searched at random. She was ordered to pay court costs.

Blake was involved in the theft of a car and a cell phone, according to court records.