The North Platte Housing Authority has been designated as “high performing” by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.   

The designation is based on HUD’s Public Housing assessment index. North Platte scored 99 out of a possible 100 points — the highest score NPHA has ever received, Executive Director Seanna Colins said.

“This score reflects the dedication and hard work of our staff, the cooperation of our residents, and the successful oversight of our board,” Collins said.

Housing Authorities are assessed annually. HUD collects an individual subsystem score using various indicators to produce a composite score representing the public housing authority’s performance management, Collins said.

This past year HUD’s Real Estate and Assessment Center inspected the Autumn Park apartments as well as houses and duplexes scattered throughout the city. NPHA scored 98 out of 100 at Autumn Park and 97 out of 100 at its houses and duplexes around town.

Collins said there are four categories of indicators:

  • Physical Assessment – 40 points: Used to determine whether public housing units are decent, safe, sanitary and in good repair. It also determines the level at which the PHA is maintaining the housing in accordance with standards.
  • Financial Assessment – 25 points: Measures the financial condition of the housing project. NPHA received all 25 points.
  • Management Assessment – 25 points: Assesss NPHA’s management operation capabilities.  NPHA received 100% of these points.
  • Capital Fund Program – 10 points: A grant program used to modernize the properties. The scoring considers the timeliness of using grant funds and the occupancy of the units. NPHA has maintained a 99% occupancy rate for all 250 units for the past couple years, and received all 10 points.

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